Prepared Food On a Dinner Table

What Should I Cook on Kultros?

For cooking on Kultros, we recommend making dishes that take a short time to prep and between 30-45 minutes of cooking time. Overall, we encourage you to be creative and put up dishes that you feel confident making.

Some example dishes include:

  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta (and Casseroles in general).
  • Spicy Salmon and Rice
  • Steak with Asparagus
  • Chicken Curry with Rice
  • Philly Cheesesteak Paninis
  • Lamb Chops with Spicy Peanut Sauce
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • Chicken Breast Burger with Guacamole and pickled Jalapenos
  • Chicken Fattoush
  • Beef Salad with Quinoa

Written by Mouhamad Mbacke
Author email:

Posted on March 16, 2018