A Romantic Kultros Dinner

What a Kultros Dinner Looks Like

Bringing in a Kultros chef is a surefire way have a memorable evening. Whether you’re looking to have an evening with friends or family, impress a client, or just eat some great food its an awesome experience. But enough self-promotion! To show you, here’s a step by step of a Kultros meal, with pictures! This a romantic dinner done through Kultros.

We start by preparing the stage, our chef recommends a wine pairing for the meal and brings it up, sets the table and creates that perfect *ambience* to get the couple ready for the experience.

The chef then gets to task. This meal here we have Chef Morvarid, she’s preparing a Mediterranean themed course for this dinner. She brings her own equipment so that our lovebirds don’t have to worry, and she keeps the kitchen space tidy.

The appetizer then comes out, here we have bell peppers stuffed with Basmati rice, chicken, and a delicious Matbucha sauce. The chef explains the inspiration behind the dish, then leaves with the dish to go ready the entrée.

Next we have the Entrée, these are lamb shanks made in red wine sauce. These really merge a restaurant flair with a homemade dish!

We end the meal off with desert. Here we have pie baked by chef Morvi served with a light black tea.

Boom! There you have a kultros meal, if you're interested in trying one out yourself you can do so here or shoot us an email @ support@kultros.com

Written by Mouhamad Mbacke
Author email: mouhamad@kultros.com

Posted on Oct. 1, 2018