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The Kultros Mission

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been asked by a friend or acquaintance “why do you do what you do” referring to your career. The easy answer would be cash, but still, most people tend not to answer the question that way, most people like to assign value to what they do.

It’s even more important that you do so when you’re trying to realize an ambition or vision of yours, because in that case you usually won’t find cash immediately in that pursuit, so you need some sort of bigger mission or raison d’etre.

We found ourselves asking those questions with Kultros, it isn’t exactly lucrative for us cash wise yet, so if that’s the goal we should just pick up some day-jobs. But we choose not to, we choose to pursue a crazy idea for crazy reasons that look lofty and impractical to a lot of people, but we’ve made them our mission.

We want to create intimate and super happy dining experiences, it’s exciting to us when people get great homemade food on their dinnerplates, when all the logistics kick into play perfectly and boom we get a chef at your door in 30 minutes, or when people build relationships with our chefs and find someone they trust and can keep bringing back to take of them.

We also find the idea of innovation super exciting because we’re nerds that like building things and solving problems. We like that logistics is a super tough problem to get down, we enjoy arguing about how to make the app sexy but functional, and we love to talk about the type of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning stuff we’ll get the chance to incorporate into Kultros in the future.

Doing Kultros has also led us to meeting quite a few interesting characters when we’re looking for eaters and chefs to join the community and our journey. Its turned Kultros from a trio of college kids in a dorm to a community of people that share a mission, to make eating as awesome as possible.

Maybe I underemphasized this a bit, but the mission isn’t really entirely about those of us on the Kultros Team. I don’t mind that it sounds corny, but it’s the people that reach out to us and take the plunge to use the service that make Kultros possible. For new technologies to take off, be it anywhere from Airbnb, Uber, to Palantir, it’s the community of people that take the risk to hop on the train early on that make it count. For us, that’s you, the eaters that believe having a personal chef in your kitchen cooking for you perhaps isn’t too crazy, and our awesome chef-partners that are willing to quit their day-jobs to create brilliant menus and try doing something new.

It’s you that use the service that inspire the Kultros mission. To create the most perfect dining experience possible. We have an infinite amount of appreciation for those of you that use the service and have joined us on that mission. To you, for you make it all possible.

Written by Mouhamad Mbacke
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Posted on March 30, 2018