Preparing a Meal In Bulk

Cooking Well When You Don't Have Time

Go Frozen because frozen vegetables are quite the time saver! They reduce prep time astronomically and prevent the need for last second grocery stops. Just make sure you look for the best quality, and they’ll keep you healthy and time efficient.

Plan Meals and Shop with a List because planning is key, if you don’t have a direction there’s a very good chance you’re going to lapse and pick a convenient option. Write up a general menu you can use week to week and prep a grocery list reflecting that menu. Once this is done you have your go to’s which you prepare regularly, but you can still switch things up and add peripheral items you can cook every once and a while to spice things up.

Pick a Day and Bulk Cook If you don’t have time to cook daily it makes sense to consolidate your cooking time into one or two slots. If bulk cooking all at once seems overwhelming, you can pick two days of the week to cook your lunches and dinners, then keep breakfast super simple. Here’s a solid guide to bulk cooking. Oh, and you’ll need containers!

Figure out your prepping order and Multitask Just spend a minute or two before you cook thinking about how to efficiently prep your food, decide what comes first, second, and third then do your prep! If you’re confident in your skills try multitasking! If you got your onions caramelizing then start cutting your chicken, if your rice is at a boil get the oven preheated. Move quickly on your feet and manage more things at once, cooking happens much faster if it’s done in parallel!

Polish up your technique with some time saving tricks There’s plenty of little things you can do in the kitchen to make your cooking faster. For example, when you are sautéing vegetables or sauces – you can lay your proteins on top to get the upper layer cooking faster, or you can cut your veggies into thinner slices so that they cook faster. There’s plenty of little tricks like that in the kitchen, in fact here’s a list of 19 of them!

Shop consistently I know it’s counterintuitive if you’re time-strapped, but being stocked up with ingredients makes sure you have options and prevents you from caving in and eating out. Having cereals or Oatmeal on hand also makes it so you don’t have to skip breakfast since they’re super quick to whip up and eat before you head out the door.

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Written by Mouhamad Mbacke
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Posted on June 5, 2018