Our Mission

To create intimate and happy experiences that reinvent how people eat

What is Kultros?

Kultros is a marketplace for you to find professional, creative, and attentive chefs to prepare your meals or cook for your next dinner party.

How Can I Use Kultros

If you find yourself constantly relying on takeout or too busy to cook, Kultros lets you take control of what you eat. Our chefs will prepare custom weekly meal plans suited to your needs and cook them on your behalf. Kultros is also great for parties or dinners, if you’re having guests over a Kultros chef is the way to go.

Our Story

Kultros started as a trio of college students that wanted great food, but well - cooked like college students. This led them to creating Kultros, with the belief that great food needs to be prepared with great care, thought, planning, and that great chefs can make all of those things happen so you can just relax and just know that all of those things are simply taken care of.